I help people solve their own problems.

Organizations hire me because I am not an expert. Experts are great for technical challenges but not for perspective shifts. [That’s why you’re stuck.] As a consultant, I guide people to define their own path forward through conversational techniques, alternative framework mapping, and tactical experiments. It works because, while I run the program, your team creates solutions, thereby giving them the sense of ownership necessary to deploy the new plans.

There is no six-steps-to-success version of my process because your situation, your people, and your market challenges are all unique. I employ a multidisciplinary approach customized for your organization.

I have demonstrated success in change initiatives, trend analysis, and emerging market identification with corporations, humanitarian organizations, NGOs, universities, and governments. I’ve led 89-100% year-over-year multi-million dollar sales increases, mobilized people to save historic buildings from demolition, and launched three companies. An active member of the global TED community, I have produced 10 TEDx events, trained over 100 speakers in the US, Canada, and Uganda, and mentored new licensees.

I have collaborated with or spoken to United Nations, The Nature Conservancy, Broadway Across America, TED and TEDActive, Substance Abuse Training Initiative, Association of Fundraising Professionals, Association of Information Technology Professionals [AITP], and Independent Kidney Foundations. And I’ve worked with teams of two.

My approach to problem solving is innovative because it puts your team at the core of the solution. Together, we identify what works… then do it.