Prototyping on IDEO

IDEO released their first zine on September 24, 2015. I was super excited to see something in print from them, even if you had to be in NYC to get a copy.


IDEO also uploaded a digital pdf… but it was formatted for web viewing. What if you wanted the physical zine experience?

Well, I did, so I ran with the theme and prototyped a pasteup. That’s OG talk for “print version.” You know, like zines were made in [insert decade that defined your youth].

Love it? Want it? Download it.

See zine #2.

Disclosure: “You can prototype anything” extends to the zine itself. This is the pasteup/print version that I made. Print two-sided. Fold. Staple. Distribute. Original at I claim no ownership of the material. IDEO is the best.