IDEO zine #2 pasteup

IIDEO   ideo    TwitterDEO has published the second edition of their zine, titled I’m not the creative type.The theme is PLAY = WORK. They distributed 500 print copies in NYC and released the content via PDF. But what if you want a print copy?

IMG_3541When they released their first edition, I made a pasteup version that anyone could print and fold, making their own copy of the IDEO zine. Since IDEO produced another edition, so did I.

Love it? Want it? Download it.

Disclosure: “PLAY = WORK” extends to the zine itself. This is the pasteup/print version that I made for fun. Print two-sided. Fold. Staple. Distribute. Original at I claim no ownership of the material. IDEO is the best.


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