Brian Smith connects people to movements.


Humans have a common desire: to contribute to something larger than the self. Smith develops novel approaches to ethically capitalize on that craving and creates momentum for organizations. Smith is recognized for generating innovative solutions to contemporary challenges and collaborating with pioneers on the fringe of change.

+ Contributed insight on urban sustainability and the global rise of populism to Habitat III, the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development
+ Produced TEDx events since 2010, training more than 85 speakers in the United States, Canada, and Uganda
+ Revitalized fan engagement for NCAA Division I athletics program, resulting in 89% increase in ticket sales

People rely on Smith’s wide-ranging knowledge and strategic vision to create breakthroughs in an ever-shifting and complex marketplace. Now, he is interested in joining an organization as Chief Innovation Officer.*

+ Identify new market spaces
+ Establish process for sourcing opportunities
+ Create platforms for collaboration
+ Develop innovation efforts from idea to launch
+ Support business unit development

If your group is ready to activate your best contributors to create positive change, contact Brian to arrange a conversation.




*Smith had a role pending in 2017 as CINO for a US city, pending different election results. Planned initiatives included improved public data access, tech and entrepreneur program with 14 city departments, and major project tracking and reporting.