Brian Smith connects people to movements.


Humans have a common desire: to contribute to something larger than the self. I develop novel approaches to ethically capitalize on that craving and create momentum for organizations. I am recognized for generating innovative solutions to contemporary challenges and collaborating with pioneers on the fringe of change.

+ Contributed insight on urban sustainability and the global rise of populism to Habitat III, the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development
+ Produced TEDx events since 2010, training more than 85 speakers in the United States, Canada, and Uganda
+ Revitalized fan engagement for NCAA Division I athletics program, resulting in 89% increase in ticket sales

People rely on my wide-ranging knowledge and strategic vision to create breakthroughs in an ever-shifting and complex marketplace. Now, I am interested in joining an organization as Chief Innovation Officer.*

+ Identify new market spaces
+ Establish process for sourcing opportunities
+ Create platforms for collaboration
+ Develop innovation efforts from idea to launch
+ Support business unit development

It’s time to move forward, yes? To try something new? We can generate advantages for your organization before someone else passes you by.




*I had expected an appointment as CINO for a US city, pending different mayoral election results. Planned initiatives included improved public data access, tech and entrepreneur program with 14 city departments, and major project tracking and reporting.