Progressive and Insightful

I am a progressive professional with record of generating 100% increases in key performance indicators [KPIs] during my first year with multiple organizations. As a consultant, I helped a NCAA Division I university improve athletic program ticket sales 89%. As a civic leader, I have partnered with TED to engage a local community of curious people and generated 330k+ video views. I know how to make meaningful things happen.

I am trusted to develop insight quickly and develop actionable plans to address contemporary market challenges. I have demonstrated leadership skills with internal and external teams in critical initiatives, including website development, digital communications, and complex events. Experience with United Nations, TED, NCAA athletics, and startup, humanitarian, and arts organizations. I connect people to movements.


Brian Smith at Business Ethics Alliance 2015 Executive Breakfast

After consulting for several years, I seek a leadership position in strategy and innovation, integrated marketing, or partnership development. I also love change, so if you have another role in mind, tell me.

For your consideration, my resume and professional history.

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