Brian Lim

Brian Lim works on “the edge of the possible” in Australia’s space industry. Currently, he’s focused on impacting a billion people in a positive way with exponential technologies.

BS: What are you working on now?
BL: We are building a global transparency system for climate change, so everyone will know how their actions impact the environment. We are doing this by building shoebox size satellites that are able to provide chemical analysis on a pixel-by-pixel basis.

BS: Do you believe everyone has “creative superpower” or does it take a special type of person to take on a billion-person challenge?
BL: I believe it takes a special type of person, who is able to blend the challenges and requests from all sides into a single project, that not only solves the challenge of a billion people, but also fit it into the constraints of today’s society.

BS: Who are your collaborators and co-conspirators, and how do they influence you?
BL: Fabio – Cofounder- Always pushing and driving me forward and helping me grow as a person and as a leader.

Peter Davison – Seed funder Pay Pal – Guiding me through the challenges of building out a startup in this current market.

BS: Tell me about your work environment.
BL: A mess, always a mess, always a lot of things around me. Lots of projects and parallel thoughts, littered with books and electronics from various work.

BS: What are the risks you take with your work?
BL: I have simply pushed into an new area of science, sufficiently advanced, that there are actually questions that have not been possible to be answered by the scientific community until now.

See Solve for a Billion and watch Brian’s Hypercubes pitch at SU Labs 2015.
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