Jordan Weber

Jordan Weber is an artist who resculpts and reframes the experiences of city life. He focuses on materialism and consumption with an ultimate goal of social awakening.

BS: What are you working on now?
JW: Right now I’m working on a large indigenous corn installation for a March 10th show in Kansas City at The Charlotte Street Foundation. Its curated by Lynette Miranda. I’ve also got a few surprise projects in the works for The Union for Contemporary Art in Omaha that I can’t speak on just yet!

BS: What was the pathway to your current work?
JW: To put it plainly, the current state of events globally concerning environmental degradation and its effect on war torn nations such as Syria. Most Americans don’t know that Syria’s crisis started because their water-table dried up resulting in massive water shortages. I’m focusing on current system collapses and comparing them to ancient societies that collapsed due to similar man made environmental crashes such as Easter Island. I’m also heavily researching/comparing European colonization vs modern gentrification for an upcoming residency on the East coast.

BS: Who are your collaborators and co-conspirators, and how do they influence you?
JW: WAY too many to count but as of right now Dread Scott and about five curators that are creating large projects focused on social activism and its place in visual art. We are out here literally on the front lines collaborating in trying to make an impact!

BS: What surprises you?
JW: Neo-Fascism, environmental complacency and of course, the great Orange dictator that I refuse to name.

BS: What is creativity?
JW: Waking up and manipulating objects.

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