Maike Both

Maike Both landed in Los Angeles from Hamburg, Germany and brought an undying fire for social change. She heads up Change the World T Shirts and the global movement behind Unfuck the World Day, plus she is working to provide direct, human care for homeless youth and adults.

BS: What are you working on now?
MB: I am working on a number of projects:
1) Moving forward with my non-profit, A Million Drops, looking for a space to house our future A Million Drops Center, providing services to the homeless and at-risk youth and young adults in Hollywood, as well as reaching out to other organizations to collaborate on my plan to turn an old city bus into a mobile shower bus.
2) Unfuck The World Day, that is coming up on Saturday, June 13. Together with my very devoted, awesome team of volunteers, I am organizing the main event here in Hollywood, plus I am assisting the organizers of 11 official UTW Day events around the globe (Australia, Philippines, Cambodia, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, Iceland, Canada, Omaha, NE, Las Vegas, NV, San Diego, CA).
3) I am also the owner of Change The World T-Shirts, the company that has enabled me over the years to raise money for three selected charities plus for some of the Unfuck The World projects we do, things like Donation Drives, Free Haircuts and since last summer, our monthly Laundry Loves, where we provide free laundry services to the homeless in our community.

BS: During prior conversations, you revealed that your work isn’t always easy. How do you stay motivated?
MB: I think my strength is that I can see the light, even when things don’t work out the way I expected. And on a really dark day, I just take time off, watch a movie, take a nap (I normally run on 5-6 hours of sleep, so a thirty minute nap feels like a vacation to me 🙂 … knowing that things will start falling into place the next morning. And they normally do. With all projects, it is important to be flexible and to have a Plan B. There is always more than one way to get to the goal. I have learned this working in film production where ‘no’ is not an answer. It’s ‘make it work’…

BS: Where do you see creativity in your work?
MB: I don’t know if it falls under the category ‘creativity’ but my most favorite thing to do is networking, connecting people and brainstorming on ideas, not necessarily mine but anybody’s ideas. I can’t do anything about it. My brain just does it… I have a big admiration for visionaries, and I hope to become one myself.

BS: What surprises you?
MB: I am usually so in the middle of things that anything I do just seems normal, but whenever I get the chance to step away to see the big pictures, I am surprised by how much I get accomplished in a day. I hope this doesn’t sound jaded… 🙂

BS: How do you concentrate?
MB: That’s the hardest thing… with three websites, a dozen email addresses, multiple Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts, it’s very hard to stay focused. I make very thorough to-do-lists, and I try to stick to them as much as I can, but I definitely need to improve my ability to concentrate. One thing that helps is to just close my eyes for a minute and focus on my breathing. Or to go for a walk around the block. A little bit of out time, so my mind can wander off on its own…

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