Nduwhite Ndubuisi Ahanonu


Nduwhite Ndubuisi Ahanonu – call him Nduwhite – is a painter and artist living in Abuja, Nigeria. He is also Executive Director of International Institute for Creative Development and produced TEDxAsoRock in 2013.

BS: Nduwhite, what are you working on now?
NA: I am working on two things now. One is a body of work from 2008, that is time based, something I call Ahamefula. “Ahamefula,” in my native dialect means, “that I will leave a mark on earth”, so for me, it is about our times and generation. It is about movement; it’s about revolution, emancipation, human development and discoveries, civilization clashes and upsurge, cultural conflicts, moral and ethical bias, spirituality and the society, apocalyptic nightmares and the hopes for a new enlightenment… I am mirroring the beginning of Time and Man. How and why he is entangled in the game of time and how we believe that we can rule time, besides the sympathetic truth that time has been set to rule man, how much that man has done in the beginning to manipulating time and how that we end up entangling ourselves… I have done this series every year on dates like 08.08.08, 09.09.09 etc, so I am hopefully going to finish the last series I call “The End” on the 15.05.15 here in Abuja.

The Second is something I want to do for charity with a some friends: “100 for Charity”, an exhibition meant to raise money for less privileged, next year, February 2015.

BS: Do you believe everyone is creative or do artists have a special gift?
NA: Yes, every one is creative. Like Pablo [Picasso] once said, “Every child is an artist, the problem is how to remain one when they grow up.” Think about it, that moment when you were small. Or watch a child; give them a paper and a pen they will scribble amazing things. That is the artist in them. What happens is, as we grow, we tend to develop other traits, more than the creative artist in us… but about “if every one is creative,” yes. Some are just more creative than others.

BS: Do you have a work ritual?
NA: If you mean, if I make incantation before working just like some people think, NO… hahahahaha. I am artist. I paint straight into my ideas. If you mean work schedules, I would really say yes and no because I am spending most of my time now to build the Art Center I founded [IICD Center], but I paint at night. I am very nocturnal when it comes to being creative.

BS: Who are your collaborators? How do they influence you?
NA: I have worked with the American Embassy in Abuja, the Transcorp Hilton Abuja, Heritage Bank and few friends like Ikenna Mark Chima and Chima Azu ( whom are all co-founders of the institute) and some few friends here and there. How they influence me? Most time we develop ideas/project we work on together and then we follow it through. Other time I have to develop them myself and get them to support.

Others times my relationship with them is mostly transformational. We build each other up, challenge each other to achieve our individual goals, and I must say, we learn from each other, too.

Check out Nduwhite’s organization, International Institute for Creative Development.
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