Omaha Speaker Training

Public speaking can be a make-or-break moment for anyone with something to say. Are you ready?

Chances are, you have anxiety about your speaking opportunity. That level of nervousness comes from being unprepared, and it can ruin your talk. There’s a simple solution: prepare.

Brian Smith is well-qualified to help you succeed. An active member of the global TED community, Brian has produced 10 TEDx events and trained over 100 speakers in the US, Canada, and Uganda. He has coordinated public meeting on topics like Internet of Things, political staff training, civic education and activism, and leadership conferences. He has written speeches for political candidates at the state, county, and district levels.

As a speaker, Brian has addressed The Nature Conservancy, TEDActive, Association of Fundraising Professionals, Association of Information Technology Professionals [AITP],  Independent Kidney Foundations, and dozens of other groups.

Brian is Omaha’s top speaker coach. He will lead you through a customized experience to prepare, rehearse, and deliver a talk that will make you feel confident in yourself.

For details, contact Brian now: