Work with Brian Smith


When you hire an industry expert, they provide knowledge and perspective that overlap yours. That creates blind spots.

When you work with Brian Smith, he provides knowledge and perspective that add to yours. That creates better vision.

Every sector is vulnerable to challengers, especially  from outside the sector itself. Change moves from the fringe to the center. That is why leaders concerned with the pace of change want out-of-field perspective. If you can detect early changes, you can get an early advantage.

Brian Smith is a strategy consultant and advisor trusted to identify cultural shifts affecting market expectations, analyze emerging trends, and plan for more adaptable operating structures. He can help your organization keep up with the pace of change.



Smith has experience with corporations, humanitarian organizations, NGOs, universities, and governments, including:

United Nations World Urban Campaign
The Nature Conservancy
Association of Information Technology Professionals [AITP]
NCAA Division I university athletics
Broadway Across America
Substance Abuse Training Initiative
Association of Fundraising Professionals
Independent Kidney Foundations